Crushing buckets HCB-Series

Crushing buckets HCB-Series

The Hydraram crushing bucket is specifically for breaking concrete and brick at the jobsite, and is the first of its kind on the market. 

There are numerous applications possible, from demolition to construction works in general, the remediation of industrial and urban waste, to process materials from quarries, from the earthmoving sector to road works, from quarrying to mining, from environmental remediation to crushing rocks.

The crushing buckets are made from the most durable HARDOX-400® steel with an extremely high wear resistance, minimum maintenance and a long lifespan.

More benefits of the HCB-Series crushing buckets:

  • Crushes all types of demolition waste.

  • Crushing directly on the jobsite.

  • Reduces the use of mechanical means.

  • Lifts the problem of processing on the landfill of demolition materials.

  • Reduces transportation costs of granulate (from and to jobsite).

  • Is convenient and easy to use and works quickly.

  • Suitable for large and small construction sites.

  • Ensures that you can recycle at the spot and save money.

  • The size of the outgoing material (grain) is adjustable.

This crushing bucket is connected to the hydraulic hammer lines of the excavator.

There are 5 models available for excavators from 14 to 65 tons.

Crushing buckets HCB-Series - Specifications

HCB-16 HCB-26 HCB-32 HCB-42 HCB-56
14-22 22-32 28-38 36-50 40-65
1720 2380 3310 4280 5570
270 300 300 300 300
90-100 130-140 130-140 170-180 250-300

Crushing buckets HCB-Series - Downloads

HCB English HCB Deutsch HCB Russian

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Crushing buckets HCB-Series - Rent

Excavator class Weight (KG) Daily price € Weekly price €
14,0 - 20,0 1600 285 995
20,0 - 28,0 2700 345 1200
28,0 - 45,0 3800 395 1385
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